E-Z Trench Groundsaw 13" Trencher

E-Z Trench Groundsaw 13" Trencher


The E-Z Trench Groundsaw EZ9100's carbide bits cut right through roots and hard soils leaving a 2 1/2” wide trench. The cutting depth is adjustable from 0 – 13” simply by turning the crank

• The Groundsaw model EZ9100 was built for durability and performance.
• It has a centrifugal clutch drive that is bathed in oil, which provides protection against extreme conditions and abuse.
• The Groundsaws are the fastest digging small trenchers on the market.
• Replaceable carbide bits cut right through tree roots and hard soils.
• Powered by a Honda GX200 commercial engine and weighing only 250lbs, these mini trenchers are reliable, rugged and easy to use.
• The EZ9100 fits between standard garden gates

Please contact us for current pricing and availability.

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